Innovation-driven ideas for disruptive brands. Our in-house team of experts in Texas will create design websites, UX/UI, e-commerce websites, web applications and any digital product that will bring digital transformation to your business so you can stay connected with your audience. 




We are more than just a digital transformation agency; we are your organization’s strategic partner in success.

Direct Technology  helps companies transform from where they are now to where they need to be to succeed with today’s digital-first customers.

We develop new digital products for retail, e-commerce, shopping, banking, travel, and entertainment. We optimize existing platforms, to make them more engaging and more profitable. We specialize in solving wicked problems that block innovation within our clients’ companies.

Our team is comprised of inspiring designers, developers, and technologists. We work with some of Amirecan’s leading brands to improve the customer experience – online, in store, and everywhere they need to be.

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Believing in the role of SMEs enterprises in the development of the national economy and in light of Direct Technology ’s strategy to participate efficiently and directly in the economic growth.
We are pleased to offer FREE OF CHARGE tailored services dedicated to the SMEs enterprises to help them in developing and managing their business efficiently.


Latest news

The Importance of Branding in Software Development

Branding is one of the healthy practices of software development. Nowadays, there is no software designed without a brand logo. It can be a name, symbol, or any particular design that reflects your software.

How Mobile Apps Make Life Easier ?

With the advancement in technology every second, we are getting to make our life simple and easy. One of the great inventions of this century is the Smartphone. Smartphones have now become an inevitable part of our life. We simply cannot think of a life without our smartphones. Whether it be any businessman or a student, we all rely on our smartphones. It has completely turned our life and has changed the way we work, play or communicate with one another. Mobile apps are essential parts of a smartphone. They give life to the mobile phone. Globally, all users use the mobile apps developed by mobile app development company in Germany. They have made our lives more comfortable and very easy.

iOS 16: Everything there is to know right now

Apple’s iOS updates are released like clockwork, with new iPhone software being released every year (since the first iPhone) to add new features and improve the overall experience. In 2022 it is no different with iOS 16. Revealed at WWDC 2022, iOS 16 will enhance your iPhone with new features including a customisable lock screen (complete with widgets), a refreshed notification system, new Messages tweaks and much more. It’s due for release later this year, though not all iPhone owners will be able to get the upgrade.

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